Trump supporters showed up on the day it counted most

In a zeal to delegitimize President Trump, Timothy Carney writes “When you’re the candidate of the disconnected and the socially isolated you can’t count on your base to make the journey with you. You’re left governing alone.”

Reacting to the tempest in a teapot over Trump’s skepticism about the crowd at the inauguration Carney blames the dearth of attendees on the specious notion that 62,979,636 Americans who voted for Trump are “socially disconnected.” He tries to bolster his argument by claiming that 46.1 percent of all who voted in this election are “the slice of America where civil society is most eroded.”

This is liberal progressive propaganda at its finest. The difference between those who voted for Trump and those who voted for Clinton is a mere 2.1 percent, or 2,864,974 votes, if we discount entirely the as-yet undetermined potential for fraudulent and illegal voting in favor of Clinton. The popular vote doesn’t elect the President, for very good reasons, but for Carney to disparage nearly 63 million citizens as “socially disconnected” is a grave insult to our entire system of government, not to mention an astonishingly ignorant statement. It was in fact the social connectedness of those voters that gave Trump his victory.

Going on to malign Trump supporters further he writes “Trump’s base is the portion of the population that lacks a connection with neighbors and that lacks a strong faith community.” Utter nonsense. Anyone who knows Conservatives and Republicans knows full well they are some of the most connected, faithful people in America.

It is this group who insist on, as Obama put it, “clinging to their guns and bibles” that liberals despise. This loathing exists because modern liberal progressivism is tinged by rabid anti-theism that strives continuously to undermine the rights of the faithful to freely exercise their religious beliefs. Democrat liberal progressivism is deeply infected by the philosophy of Karl Marx, who wrote “The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness.”

It is neither Trump nor the 46.1 percent who support suing religious cake bakers or photographers out of business merely because they do not wish to exercise their artistic talents in violation of their religious beliefs. It’s neither Trump nor the 46.1 percent who support the extirpation of all signs of religious belief from the public square.

It is Democrat liberal progressives and leftists who want to completely eliminate any sort of “strong faith community” who do such things. They do so in order to force people to place their faith in government, not in God and not in themselves and their nation, with the intent of making them more pliant, more obedient and easier for the government to control. When the government provides your home, sustenance and medical care, the government controls your vote and your economic future.

They will promise “real happiness” to the proletarian masses if only they will give up their faith in their God and in themselves and give it to government. But the political left never actually provides promised happiness, it provides only an illusion of happiness through propaganda, indoctrination, false promises and an inevitable resort to tyranny.

This election proved that people are not nearly as gullible and credulous as the left thought they were. When their faith, their freedoms and their communities were threatened by Marxist ideals and the globalization threat posed by Clinton, they turned out in force to keep her from the presidency.

More people did not show up at Trump’s inaugural because, as Carney admits, they don’t live in and around Washington D.C. like those who can afford to march around demanding more largess from the treasury. Trump supporters are hard-working Americans busy living and working and they showed their political strength on the day when it counted, at the polls.

Then they went back to work supporting their families, their neighbors, their churches, their police and fire departments, their communities and their nation, secure in the knowledge their president, Donald Trump, will do his job as executive of the United States government and make America great again.

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