America’s Golden Door

America is the place where people can seek refuge from oppression and tyranny in their homelands, but America welcomes only those who come here in peace, seeking liberty and justice for all, only those who are eager to reject what is bad about their own culture and assimilate into our culture as loyal freedom-loving citizens of the United States of America who love, cherish and will strive to protect and advance the culture, values and liberties of America that they have striven so hard to obtain.


America does not welcome those who wish to import or perpetuate evil, crime, tyranny, injustice or oppression or those who wish impose their cultures or beliefs on others, no matter how much they might believe themselves justified in doing so. Such people are not just unwelcome in the United States, they are enemies of America who must be prevented from spreading the cancerous evils of their corrupt and despotic ideologies and oppressing others.

But America is also the place where seekers of liberty can celebrate what is good and righteous and valuable about their cultures, and where everyone can celebrate those differences with them, whenever they like. On Saint Patrick’s Day the beer flows green and all Americans can be Irish for a day. On Christmas all Americans can celebrate peace on earth and the birth of Christ. On Cinco de Mayo all Americans can celebrate Mexico and its ancient culture and be Mexicans for a day. On Bastille Day the wine can flow and all Americans can celebrate liberty, fraternity and equality

In America celebrating what is good and wonderful about a culture or belief is never wrong, never illegal, and unlike some other cultures, can never be punished by the authorities. No heads are chopped off, no lashes are given, no prison cells await those who wish to peaceably preserve and enjoy the panoply of cultural diversity of the world, even if it is not their own. America is the Great Melting Pot in which immigrants immerse themselves in order to become Americans while both contributing to and retaining the unique and distinct flavors of what is best about their former cultures.

Those who wish to come to America to enjoy its benefits but who are unwilling to assimilate into American culture, no matter what the reasons or rationalizations for desiring self-imposed apartheid and cultural isolation, are not welcome here because our nation, our laws and our culture demand loyalty and adherence to American values and culture first and foremost and the practice of one’s other culture, beliefs and practices only when those practices do not harm others or conflict with the equal right of others to practice both American and their own ancestral cultural practices.

In America, every culture is equal to every other culture, but American culture is superior and American law and custom reigns supreme over all. This is the agreement, the compact that we as Americans make and adhere to in order to provide domestic tranquility and create a more perfect Union, and we demand nothing less from those who seek our permission to enter our country to become our fellow citizens.

If that is not what someone seeking entry into the United States wants, and if that is not what that person is willing to swear an oath of allegiance to preserve, protect and defend, then that person is not welcome here and must be denied the benefits and liberties that the United States of America has to offer.

But come to the golden door with a good and open heart in search of freedom and equality for everyone, knock, ask to be given entry, and swear an oath to that which you hold most sacred that you come to us in peace and amity and forever first and foremost in your heart choose to be an American and you are welcome here.

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